Mohamed Sobhy

Mohamed Sobhy Delta Sound

Mohamed Sobhy Delta Sound

Mohamed Sobhy Delta Sound

Mohamed Mahmoud Sobhi (Arabic: محمد محمود صبحي‎‎; born March 3, 1948) is an Egyptian film, television and stage actor.



  • Hello Shalaby (Hello Shalaby)
  • Al-Tha3lab (The Fox)
  • Entaha El-Dars Ya Ghabi (The Lesson is Over, Stupid)
  • Hamlet (Hamlet)
  • Ali-Beih Mazhar (Mr. Ali Mazhar)
  • Enta Horr (You are free)
  • El-Mahzooz (The unstable)
  • El-Joker (The Joker)
  • El-Hamagy (The Barbarian)
  • Takhareef (Superstitions)
  • El-Baghbaghan (The Parrot)
  • Weg’het Nazar (A Point of View)
  • Bel-Araby El-Fasi7 (In Plain Arabic)
  • Mama Amrica (Mother America)
  • A’alat Wanees (The Wanees Family)
  • Le’bet El-Set (A Woman’s Plaything)
  • Sekket El-Salama 2000 (The Road to Safety 2000)
  • Carmen (Carmen)
  • Amir Rafik

Selected Films

  • Al Gareeh (The Injured) (Drama)
  • Ali Beih Mazhar (Mr. Ali Mazhar)
  • Uncle Zizou Habibi (1977) (My beloved uncle Zizou)
  • Houna Al-Quahira (Here Is Cairo)
  • Al_Karnak (The Karnak)
  • Al-Ameel Rakam 13 (Agent 13)
  • Al-Shyatana Alty Ahabatny (The Devil Who Loved Me)

TV Series

  • Ali Beih Mazhar (Mr. Aly Mazhar)
  • Rehlet el Melyoon (The Million [Egyptian ₤] Journey)
  • Sonbol ba3d el Melyoon (Sumbul After the Million)
  • Yomyat Wanees (Wanees’s Diaries) (8 Parts)
  • Faris bila Gawad (Cavalier Without A Steed)
  • Mal7 el Ard (Salt of the Earth)
  • ‘Ayesh Fe Al Ghaibooba (Living In A Coma)
  • Ana wa Ha’ola’ (Me And Those)
  • Ragol Ghany Faqeer Giddan (A very poor rich man)
  • Al Nems
  • Alam Ghareeb Gedan

Statements on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

In an interview which aired on the Egyptian Dream 2 TV on March 8, 2014 (as translated by MEMRI), Sobhi stated that “Benjamin Franklin delivered a speech [in 1787], which became very well known. I myself used it in “Horseman without a Horse.” [The Americans] saw that a catastrophe was imminent, due to the Satanic ideas of that terrorist group. That was when Franklin delivered his speech to the American people. He said: “I warn you that if these terrorist groups of Jews flock to America, they will control American decision-making within a hundred years. They will control America itself, and will trample us underfoot.” Sobhi also argued “You’ll see when you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”[1][2]


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